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Personal Development and Empowerment Coaching

You know that one area of life can, and often does, influence another area of life. Events in your personal life can have a profound effect in your professional life and vice versa. Has your personal life, social environment, or love relationship ever had a negative impact on your workday or caused hardship in your career? Or on the other side, has your career ever caused difficulty or suffering in your personal life?

You are a professional. You have responsibilities. Its your job to make important decisions, advise others, and be a leader in your field. You are expected to perform at 100% at all times.

But you're also a person just like everyone else. As a person you know that sometimes life gets in the way and you might want a little consideration from time to time. However, as a professional you know that you don't have the luxury of hiding under the bed until the storm passes. You need to be focused at all times. Your mental and emotional well-being is important because you need to perform at peak levels on a daily basis.


Could you benefit from?

  • Self-Empowerment and Performance Enhancing Strategies
  • Creating Positive Life Changes
  • Utilizing Your personal Strengths & Skills
  • Releasing Negative Emotions and Limiting Decisions
  • Acknowledging Opportunities and Taking Initiative
  • Better Decision Making Strategies

The path to personal and professional development begins with the desire to be better! To be better than you were yesterday and strive to be even better tomorrow.

This path promotes wellness in all areas of the person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It encourages excellence and is extremely beneficial and therapeutic.

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Professional Development and Training

Think of your business. What comes to mind? How do you view it and treat it? Do you consider your business to be just a thing or is it a living breathing entity and an extension of yourself? In fact, you should consider your business to be a living body because it is in fact made up of people who are living and breathing. And it is these same living breathing people who will determine your level of success, whether your business is prosperous and alive or broke and suffering, or worse - a dying business.

Just as a person needs food, water, and rest for survival, a business has its own needs. But do you want your business to just survive or do you want to prosper?


Could your business benefit from?

  • Leadership Development
  • Proven Goal Setting Strategies
  • Effective Communication:
            Management ↔ Employees
            Employees ↔ Customers
  • Creating a Productive Work Environment
  • Team Building
  • Real Sales and Negotiation Techniques
  • Time Management

CFO asks CEO: What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave us? CEO: What happens if we dont, and they stay?

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Rich is masterful in his ability to weave key information, insights, and relevant topics in a direct and palatable way. His approach is caring and friendly and will leave each member of the crowd feeling as though they are the most important person in the room, allowing everyone to take something unique and significant from his presentation.

Choose from three powerful presentations that will energize, inspire, and entertain your audience:

Walk Your Path

The flagship presentation and personal coaching program for Rich's brand. Beginning with the all-important question, "What Do I Want?", Rich guides the listener through the process of deciding the destination, unlocking potential, and developing a working plan to successfully complete the journey.

Great for:
New Business Owners, Wellness Organizations & promoters, and Entrepreneurial Spirited Individuals

Transform Pebbles Into Mountains

Based on his chapter in "The Change", this presentation provides specific tools and ideas that will encourage the listener to create a new method of perception. This approach allows the person to take seemingly small and familiar daily events and transform them into larger than life successes. The ability to Transform Pebbles Into Mountains is a practice of the mind and Rich shows you how to utilize your most powerful ally to make your dreams a reality.

Great for:
Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Sales Teams

Perform With Purpose

Whether you are a leader or play a vital role in operations, this presentation is ideal for individuals who are expected to execute peak performance levels on a daily basis. It's no secret that many careers are exceptionally demanding and often include activities that weigh heavily on the person, leaving the same mental fatigue and physical exhaustion as experienced by professional athletes. The most highly productive and successful people know how to maintain balance in life. They know how to support a healthy lifestyle that creates a strong mind and body connection, which allows them to Perform With Purpose each and every day.

Great for:
Top Professionals, Creators, and Key Players

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