Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a First Generation Entrepreneur?
A First Generation Entrepreneur is someone who didn’t grow up in a business family but has decided to carve a new path as the first in the family to be an entrepreneur. We weren’t fortunate enough to grow up learning the ropes of business from a parent, relative, or close family friend. We had to learn everything through tons of trial and error. Most of us had minimal support when we got started and had to endure family and friends shaking their heads, criticizing our actions, and trying to extinguish our flames by suggesting we just play it safe (i.e. do the 9-5 thing until it’s time to retire) rather than fulfill our true purpose and walk our own unique path in life.
Q. I want to make a real difference and leave a legacy my family can be proud of… but I’m not exactly sure how I can do that. Can you help me?
Yes. It would be my absolute pleasure and honor to help you here.
Q. People think I’m crazy for pursuing my dreams and I’m frustrated because I have minimal support. Where can I meet and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs?
Check out my global online community filled with First Generation Entrepreneurs just like you. Click this link and join the pride FREE. Remember to invite other entrepreneurs so you can grow together and support each other along the way.
Q. I have a family member who is already an entrepreneur but I feel like I’m walking a totally different path. Would I be considered a First Generation Entrepreneur?
Yes. Being a First Generation Entrepreneur is the feeling of walking a new path in life to fulfill your purpose of making a difference. There is no governing body saying who is or who isn’t one of us. If this resonates with you then we’d love to welcome you into our pride.
Q. How do I contact you about services?
Go to the Contact Me page and submit the appropriate request. It’s that simple.
Q. I’m not a First Generation Entrepreneur yet but I want to be. Do you have something for me?
Absolutely. You found the right place to get started.
Q. Do I really need a coach?
Yes. Everyone should have a coach or mentor. It doesn’t have to be me but it should be someone you trust to help you achieve your goals. Athletes have coaches and trainers to help them perform better in the sporting arena. Business leaders have executive coaches to help them in the corporate world and as individuals. Politicians have teams of advisors. It doesn’t matter if you’re a financial consultant, artist, or seller. If you’re serious about your business then you need a coach that will point you in the right direction and help you to avoid devastating pitfalls, problem solve before issues arise, and stay focused on the end goal. The right coach will show you exactly which steps to take, saving you precious time and money.
Q. Shouldn’t I wait until I figure things out on my own before hiring a coach?
NO! This is one main reason you should be seeking a proper coach right now. Think about it like this: Let’s say you wanted to improve your health & fitness and feel better about yourself. Would you train at home for months to improve your physique and then join the gym once you already look and feel good? Of course not, that’s silly. You join the gym first because it has expert trainers to give advice and help you design the exercise plan that’s right for you. STOP wasting precious time and energy trying to figure things out for yourself and START right now by aligning yourself with the coach who has the expertise to help get the advantage you need to succeed.
Q. Can you help me develop my side hustle?
Yes. Perhaps you’re not interested in starting the journey into entrepreneurship but you still want to launch a profitable side hustle (such as with consulting, freelancing, independent contracting, joining an MLM, or any other additional stream of income) then I have the program that will help you grow.
Q. Can you show me how to get instant success?
Sorry, this isn’t what I offer. You could probably find lots of internet marketers out there who will try to give you their “6, 7, 8, 9, 10+ figure formula” but watch out, most of those guys are just trying to take your money.
Q. Do you have a money back guarantee?
Please refer to the Purchase and Refund Policy. Honestly, any person who asks about a refund before putting up any money or taking the first step is someone who is expecting to fail. I won’t work with slackers, complainers, and time wasters. I don’t want their money. I only work with professionals who are willing and ready to do the work to create their success. When you do the necessary work then you get the desired results. It’s that simple.
Q. I’m just starting my journey and don’t have a huge budget but I’m serious and I really want to work with you. Do you have something for me?
Yes. Join the POWER TALKERS CLUB. Membership is less than $1 a day!
Q. Can I connect with you on social media?
Yes. Send me a friend/connection request and let’s start a conversation!
Q. How can I find out about exclusive training opportunities, deals, and special events?
Join my Inner Circle mailing list to receive free coaching tools, exclusive deals, special opportunities, and other goodies with you in mind. But you won’t get any of it unless you sign up.