Passing Notes & Giving High Fives to Grow Your Business

Passing Notes & Giving High Fives to Grow Your Business

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to those good old school days. While passing notes in class was frowned upon back then, this could be a strategy that grows your business exponentially today.

This fun, yet eye-opening episode provides simple practices that any entrepreneur, business leader, and high achiever can use to grow their business and leadership platform across social media. Use these strategies today and start making a bigger impact.  

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Rich Perry

Hey, glad you're here! My name is Rich Perry, and I'm a best selling author, conscious entrepreneur, and influencer. I'm the co-author of International #1 Best Selling book Bankroll Your Mind and was invited by Jim Britt and Jim Lutes to be a co-author in The Change, the fastest growing personal development book series in the world. My gift is the ability to relate to each person, taking you on a hero’s journey by integrating both conscious and unconscious performance to create a lasting and powerful change. I work with first generation entrepreneurs and business leaders who are ready to make a difference in the world. My motto is “Lead By Example Through Excellence”


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