InstaExcellence Training

InstaExcellence Training

Imagine you’re someone who has invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours learning specialized training. Imagine early mornings, late nights, and every hour in between stressing over how to help your business. Imagine sacrificing family events, weekends, holidays, and special occasions because you desperately want to succeed in life. Now imagine, despite all of this, still struggling in certain areas. But no matter what you do, it’s just not working out in your favor.

Did you really have to imagine all of that or did it hit close to home because it’s a reality you know all too well?

But here’s the odd thing…

You have the talent so it’s not a matter of proficiency. You have the time put in so it’s not a matter of needing the right experience. And you’ve had a few great victories along the way so you have the proof that shows you’re the right person for the job.

So after all of that, why aren’t prospective clients knocking on your door?

Here’s an idea. Maybe they’re not knocking on your door because they don’t know who you are and where you live. If they don’t know who you are then they certainly can’t like you and fall in love with your message. And if they aren’t in love with your message then they will never be your clients.

That’s a hard pill to swallow, especially around this time when you’re looking for extra money for the holidays or you’re hoping the New Year might bring eager prospects looking for help in achieving their goals.

Is this where you still want to be 3 months from now? What about 6 months from now, or even this time next year?

I hope not. You don’t have to stay stuck any longer. That’s why I created this InstaExcellence training, just for people like you who have an important message to share because it’s how you will make a real difference in the world.


This training is great for:

– Coaches, consultants, speakers, and authors who want to build brand authority
– Personal trainers, health & wellness practitioners, nutritionists, and yoga instructors
– Expert service providers such as doctors and financial advisors
– Small business owners who want to connect with people in community
– Serious professionals who want to launch a profitable side hustle or rise up in a network marketing company


In this training I will show you how to:

– Optimize your Instagram profile
– Develop and deliver your meaningful message to your audience
– Implement strategies to increase organic engagement
– Build your leadership platform and be seen as a trusted authority
– Create a brand that people will LOVE to talk about


Get the InstaExcellence Power Pack


20+ Page Power Guide
Detailed breakdown of best engagement practices, branded content creation, close up view of Instagram insights, list of my favorite apps for content creation and editing, importance of media exposure, IGTV platform, business account setup, and much more!
InstaExcellence Training MP3
10-Minute Mentor: Press the Red Button Already MP3
10-Minute Mentor: Sticky Note Method MP3


Get the InstaExcellence Power Pack + Power Hour Coaching & Instagram Audit

The full InstaExcellence Power Pack plus a private coaching session and Instagram audit with Rich



Rich Perry

Hey, glad you're here! My name is Rich Perry, and I'm a best selling author, conscious entrepreneur, and influencer. I'm the co-author of International #1 Best Selling book Bankroll Your Mind and was invited by Jim Britt and Jim Lutes to be a co-author in The Change, the fastest growing personal development book series in the world. My gift is the ability to relate to each person, taking you on a hero’s journey by integrating both conscious and unconscious performance to create a lasting and powerful change. I work with first generation entrepreneurs and business leaders who are ready to make a difference in the world. My motto is “Lead By Example Through Excellence”


6 thoughts on “InstaExcellence Training


Rich Perry

Nov 09, 2018 AT 01:42:35

That's great to hear Tenoch! You took immediate action so I know you're serious about your business and yourself as an entrepreneur. Keep moving forward. I'll be in touch soon. Thanks and Be Excellent! Rich

Rich Perry

Nov 09, 2018 AT 01:40:35

Way to go Anna! That makes me very happy to know that you took immediate action. That's the difference between the talkers and those that really achieve what they set out to do. Regarding your question of logo vs. pro head shot - I will email you. It could go either way but that depends on what image you're looking to project. Look for my email. Thanks and Be Excellent! Rich

Rich Perry

Nov 09, 2018 AT 01:36:36

Awesome! Way to go LaKaisha. Glad you found value in the InstaExcellence Training. I'll be in touch soon regarding the bootcamp. Thanks and Be Excellent! Rich

LaKaisha Christian

Nov 08, 2018 AT 17:19:08

The training was great, and much needed! I took notes and immediately implemented the changes on my Instagram page. I just made the changes, I am awaiting results. With you as my coach, I will make a bigger impact in the World because you will teach me how to maximize myself. I will be able to assist others in overcoming depression and suicide ideation utilizing the platform, you will teach me how to build. You have been successful in the areas I need to grow most. I am confident with you as my coach, we will change the World, one person at a time. Your experience qualifies you to lead those who are willing to learn, and put in the work. With you as my coach, I have no choice but to be successful!!!

Anna Greco

Nov 08, 2018 AT 15:08:44

Listened to your training on sound cloud.. I had already implemented a few things you have suggested. I need to start posting daily and with relevance and working on that as we speak. Just one question with regards to profile picture.. I changed mine to my logo as its red and bold and its stands out. Is that ok or does it need to by a picture


Nov 08, 2018 AT 04:30:43

I loved the ten tips you gave us! I have a new perspective to work on my Instagram. I will use your information to spread the word about how to combine finance and meditation to live a more happy and meaningful life

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