3 Powerful Strategies to Define Your Leadership Platform

3 Powerful Strategies to Define Your Leadership Platform

These days it seems that everyone is an entrepreneur in some form or fashion. You already know it’s a crowded and noisy space out there and the last thing you want to be is just another entrepreneur or Average Joe business owner. You’ve probably dreamed of being recognized as the go-to expert in your market but how do you actually go about differentiating yourself as a trusted and respected leader?

In this episode you will learn how to:
– Position yourself as an authority if your field
– Attract the people that LOVE YOU – for you
– Maximize your efforts by doing less


In 2019, I am committed to helping 10,000 First Generation Entrepreneurs make a difference for self, family, and in the world.

10-Minute Mentor is a podcast and training series that provides the mentoring and training you need to develop and deliver your meaningful message, build brand loyalty by creating strong customer relationships, and grow your leadership platform.

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Rich Perry

Hey, glad you're here! My name is Rich Perry, and I'm a best selling author, conscious entrepreneur, and influencer. I'm the co-author of International #1 Best Selling book Bankroll Your Mind and was invited by Jim Britt and Jim Lutes to be a co-author in The Change, the fastest growing personal development book series in the world. My gift is the ability to relate to each person, taking you on a hero’s journey by integrating both conscious and unconscious performance to create a lasting and powerful change. I work with first generation entrepreneurs and business leaders who are ready to make a difference in the world. My motto is “Lead By Example Through Excellence”

Web: http://www.thepathofme.com

7 thoughts on “3 Powerful Strategies to Define Your Leadership Platform


Joan Mead-Matsui

Dec 13, 2018 AT 22:54:11

Rich's insights hit home as I'm reviewing my business goals for 2019. Collaboration and authenticity have always been two key ingredients for long-term success and I plan to share his podcast and tips with my friends, colleagues, and staff.

Rich Perry

Nov 29, 2018 AT 00:05:28

Thank you Dr. Bridget. I do appreciate your good words. Coming from someone with your leadership experience, this comment and praise means a lot.

Rich Perry

Nov 28, 2018 AT 23:46:48

Thanks Frank for your encouraging comment and added insights. You're so right, being "who you are and genuine" is a rare thing these days.

Bridget Cooper

Nov 28, 2018 AT 20:02:39

Sharp and convincing insights about what is required of a successful entrepreneur. It’s not rocket science but we often feel overwhelmed by the demands. You boiled it down to its essence, Rich, and we are all the better for it. Thank you for sharing!

frank hershberger

Nov 28, 2018 AT 03:02:32

Empowering others by sharing what you know. Wow this is harder than you think. But the right person with the right mind set can definitely benefit from this. The hard part is reaching those folks who genuinely want that knowledge and respect you for sharing it. Authenticity is something I have always thought was especially important. I relate to this probably the most of the three tips. Being who you are every moment and being genuine is so rare these days. I feel it is very refreshing and key to achieving success. Collaboration is also very important. No one person can do everything themselves, always strive to find partners who may help in areas you may not be as strong as you would like yourself.

Rich Perry

Nov 26, 2018 AT 21:11:53

Thanks Michael. Being a serial entrepreneur yourself, I know you value building quality relationships with those you work with. I appreciate your good words here. Cheers!

Michael E. Schmidlen

Nov 26, 2018 AT 19:20:26

Enjoyed this short and sweet reminder of the importance of collaboration and authenticity, keys to both short-term and long-term success!

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