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You came here for a reason. You have a goal in your immediate future to accomplish and you have dreams that you want to transform into reality. Anybody can hire a coach, but you want to connect with someone that you can trust, an expert who cares enough about you and your dreams to push you further to create excellent results.

Are you tired of being second best?

Are you fed up with putting the needs and wants of others before your own?

Do you see others fulfilling their dreams while your ambitions remain just as dreams?

The Path Of Me is the signature program and individual coaching of Rich Perry. It is designed to help you develop and grow individually while implementing strategies for personal and professional success. It begins by learning about you and uncovering what you want in life.

It's Time For You to Be #1 in Your Life

In terms of personal development, being self-centered is important. This idea has nothing to do with vanity or narcissism and everything to do with self-growth and becoming a better person. Plus, as you become stronger (mentally and emotionally) and improve focus in achieving your goals, you create more opportunities to help others.

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Matthew Pollard
Serial Entrepreneur, Author, International Speaker
"Rich is driven and wanting of great results for himself and others. Many coaches are not as driven as the clients paying for them, Rich does NOT have this issue. I would happily recommend him to anyone."
Jim Britt
Top 20 Success Coaches in the World, Tony Robbins' Mentor, Author of 13 Bestsellers
"Rich is quickly gaining the attention of many in the personal development industry. As a coach and speaker, he brings a unique style full of life and excitement. His charisma and energy fill the room and will leave you inspired to create the best version of yourself."
Jonathon Zaremba
Founder, CEO of SRNDU
"BOOM – That's the sound of value bombs dropping all over my computer screen as I listen to Rich's feedback and advice on my current project and ambitions. As an entrepreneur, I feel as though sometimes you are so focused on your business that you can miss certain angles and views of what's going on. Rich pointed out a great piece of the puzzle where I could improve on and I can't express enough how much of an impact this has had since our meeting."
Amber Russo
Business Owner
"Rich is not only one of the most inspiring individuals I have ever met, he is motivated to help you be the best you you can be! He has the experience, education and drive to help you discover your true potential. Rich's consistency with and interest in his client's success is unparalleled. He really cares about and believes in you and YOUR success!"
Jim Lutes
International Trainer, Expert on the Subconscious Mind, Coach of Top Level Entrepreneurs
"So many people come into the personal growth space. Seeing with vision means not seeing with sight. Rich has this rare talent, to carve the path and design the future with uncanny accuracy."
Tamara Renee
Author, Empowerment Speaker, DNA Health & Beauty Strategist
"Rich is professional and highly experienced in his field, and a real asset to our company and clients. His work has helped ensure the success of my clients, transforming their habits and beliefs on what is possible. He is always bringing creative new techniques to unblock my clients and what stops them. I highly recommend and endorse Rich's work!"
Adam S. Adams
Master Hypnosis Trainer, Master Coach of NLP, Master Hypnotherapist
"There are many who claim to be life coaches, but clearly don't drink their own medicine – Richard is the antithesis of that. Authentic, charming, charismatic, and rapier sharp, if you want to explode past limitations and discover what you are truly capable of, then Richard is your Coach!"
Emile Allen, MD
Behavior Modification Expert, Trainer, Master Life Coach
"Rich is a rising star in the field of personal development. His genuine interest and caring is unparalleled as he empowers his clients to take control and become the hero in the adventures of their own life."
Laura Gronski
Small Business Owner
"Rich delivers a passionate, inspiring message. I saw him deliver the same presentation two different times and I took something special away from both events. Rich is extremely personable and goes the extra mile to get to know the people he is presenting to. It was nice to have a friendly discussion after his presentation about goal setting. Excited to get an opportunity to hear Rich speak again soon."
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