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"Rich is a rising star in the field of personal development. His genuine interest and caring is unparalleled as he empowers his clients to take control and become the hero in the adventures of their own life."
Emile Allen, MD
Trainer, Master Life Coach
"I recently had a chance to work closely with Richard for a couple of weeks, and am blown away by his personal and professional qualities. His use of NLP is exquisite, and his mastery of Time Line Therapy quite extraordinary. My commitment is to work with best in class coaches to further personal and professional goals. After two weeks in close quarters with Richard, I will be enthusiastically hiring him again, for both business and personal goals. There are many who claim to be life coaches, but clearly don`t drink their own medicine - Richard is the antithesis of that. Authentic, charming, charismatic and rapier sharp, if you want to explode past limitations and discover what you are truly capable of, then Richard is your Coach! I strongly and enthusiastically recommend him to all here! "
Adam S. Adams
"Richard Perry is an engaging coach. He is one of the most powerful speakers that really embraces his audience with a powerful message. Using his past clinical skills coupled with his communication style and ability to integrate NLP, I sincerely recommend Richard as a coach and professional speaker. He is one of the best listeners and this is another skill that he has not just well-honed but mastered. Co-authoring The Change book series (Vol. 5) with him was an absolute pleasure as his level of professionalism is exceptional and unwavering. Looking forward to further collaborations in the personal development industry with Richard."
Deb Crowe
Multipreneur, Self-Care Prodigy, Healthcare Advocate, Author
"It is a privilege and honor to work alongside with Rich Perry of The Path of Me. I was so impressed with his immense level of care and integrity paired with his unstoppable capabilities to help people like you get beyond your limiting beliefs, I asked him to provide his care and abilities to my dear clients. The biggest compliment of all! He is professional and highly experienced in his field, and a real asset to our company and clients. His work has helped ensure the success of my clients transforming their habits and beliefs on what is possible. He is always bringing creative new techniques to unblock my clients from what stops them. I can highly recommend Rich Perry’s work and endorse him."
Tamara Renee
Owner of Bodylab, DNA Health & Beauty Strategist, Author, Empowerment Speaker
"I wanted to thank Rich again for this awesome experience. I learned so much about myself during our work together. It really was an empowering and life changing experience. Rich has a special ability to transmit what he believes in, and kindly yet firmly guided me to identify and push through the boundaries to my own personal greatness. In particular my personal break though sessions with Rich, have been a powerful experience and a real eye opener that I have frequently been referring to since in my personal and professional life. Rich’s real life experience was instrumental in relating his contributions to my own personal growth. A great experience overall. It’s a gift only a few people have. I was lucky enough to be among those to benefit from Rich’s gift. Thank you again."
Jason Baldwin
Business Owner, Coach, Trainer
"I am an International Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Master Coach, and a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy ®. Just recently I’ve incorporated Richard’s music and meditation CD’s into my trainings. Not only was it a perfect choice for me but my students absolutely loved it. It allowed them to become more involved in all exercises and experiences, even better, all the changes which happened on an unconscious level. I highly recommend Richard’s work, which is very relaxing and perfect for meditation and trance work. You can use it for both, your work (if you are working with individuals or/and groups) and personal use. Thank you Richard!"
Sylvana Kozak
Women’s Empowerment Coach
"The course was concise and provided everything I was seeking. The knowledge that I learned in this course reinforced how crucial it is to work on your weaknesses and strengths, and celebrate and notice your successes. When I do these steps I attract more success."
Oxana Lovich
Actress (SAG-AFTRA), Life Coach, Jewelry Designer
"Rich is able to connect people to their own sense of personal mythology that everyone has, but not everyone realizes, that part of them that is hidden, the jewel inside concealed underneath the complex layers of life. Rich motivates adults and children to accomplish what they previously have thought impossible, he has the ability to help people minimize their suffering to the point where they can begin to work out their own struggles, independently. He helps people find the power to hold their own candle to light the darkness in their lives, helping someone find their way out of a forest of confusion, pointing the way out to the field, he is the boat that takes them across the treacherous river, Lethe, transforming their past pain and sorrows into insights and strengths, forging a new destiny in their new found life. It is his gift, to allow people to achieve that connection with their prototypical self, or their divine nature, he will take you on a Hero's Journey, your journey, and by the end of that journey it is guaranteed you will be a better, capable, prudent and more complete human being."
Cory Ian Shafer MS, NCC, LPC
Psychotherapist and Educator
"I met Rich a few years back, we worked together with at-risk-youth. He had a way with getting their attention that appeared effortless. I decided to reach out to him again to help us motivate our mental health providers, over 200 contractors. Within minutes Rich had them pretending to be superheroes! Rich is energetic, motivating, passionate about success, and can lead anyone down the right path given the opportunity! Thank you Rich!"
Janet Corrente, LPC, Artist, Eagala Cert.
Business Owner at Holistic by Nature, LLC.
"I have had the good fortune to get to know Rich as both a “client” and a friend over the past couple of years, our initial introduction was as fellow co-authors in The Change book series, and we’ve gotten to know each other via social media, Skype, and meeting in person last year at an event that he and his partner Larunce Pipkin did here in the Austin, TX area. I have found him to be engaging, knowledgeable, has both confidence and a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor (a good balance). I enjoyed their presentation and the information provided and would highly recommend engaging with him given the opportunity to do so."
Michael Schmidlen
"Rich is a very happy and excited man. 
His loves what he does and he does it very well. He always says what's on his mind and he pushed me many times so I can get the most out of my session. The results came straight after. His coaching skills are refreshing and they will guide you to find your meaning in life. 
I have to say that he is worth every dollar you will spend, and he comes with my highest recommendations. If you want to get unstuck from a negative situation that is bothering you and it is holding you back, if you want to make more money and you don't know how then Rich has the coaching skills that you need. You can find many coaches but what really matters is that Rich has a great level of expertise and he provides a fantastic customer care service."
Lukas Katsaros
Master Trainer, 
Executive Coach, Master Hypnotherapist, 
Holistic Practitioner
"I had the absolute pleasure of working with Rich Perry as he walked me through some very unique and effective NLP techniques that quickly resolved some longstanding personal issues I had been holding on to. He was friendly yet professional and I truly enjoyed working with him. I would strongly recommend his services for any and all coaching/life needs."
Scott Miller
Business Owner
"Rich is not only one of the most inspiring individuals I have ever met, he is motivated to help you be the best you, you can be! He has the experience, education and drive to help you discover your true potential. Rich's consistency with and interest in his client's success is unparalleled. He really cares about and believes in you and YOUR success!"
Amber Russo
Business Owner
"Rich delivers a passionate, inspiring message. I saw him deliver the same presentation two different times and I took something special away from both events. Rich is extremely personable and goes the extra mile to get to know the people he is presenting to. It was nice to have a friendly discussion after his presentation about goal setting. Excited to get an opportunity to hear Rich speak again soon."
Laura Gronski
Small Business Owner
"Having only met Rich two times in the past few weeks, I can proudly say that I am already a fan. He has such an inviting and soothing presence about him that he makes everyone in the room feel at ease with themselves and each other. He is clearly passionate about his work, and he genuinely strives to make the world a better place by helping people believe in themselves enough to reach their full potentials. I truly enjoy the meditation exercises he usually begins his presentations with because he has the ability to take you outside of yourself and look deep within, something not many of us allow ourselves to do. Rich is uplifting, honest, caring, and kind. He is truly inspiring and I hope you all get the chance to meet him!"
Maggy Shannon
Yoga Teacher
"Dear Rich, I am so grateful to you and therefore write this letter to inform you of the positive changes in my life since our meeting. Performing Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy techniques to guide me toward releasing debilitating beliefs has brought peace and contentment to my life. I now see my future in a new way. I sense a calm like never before and now know I can move forward with purpose and direction as I begin my new career."
M. Ashley Moore
"Rich set up an evening Skype session with me since we’re both in different states. Accommodating and on time! One word to sum up our session? BOOM – that’s the sound of value bombs dropping all over my computer screen as I listen to Rich’s feedback and advice on my current project and ambitions. As an entrepreneur I feel as though sometimes you are so focused on your business that you can miss certain angles and views of what’s going on. Rich pointed out a great piece of the puzzle where I could improve on and I can’t express enough how much of an impact this has had since our meeting. I highly recommend that anyone feeling limitations in life to connect and seek out Rich’s support. Get involved with his programs. Attend his events. His mindset and will to help you push through life’s barriers is amazing."
Jonathon Zaremba
"Dear Rich, On behalf of the young ladies and staff of our Magnolia Project, we cannot thank you enough for donating two sessions of your “The Path of Me” seminars. As a personal development coach and with your background in mental health, your message is a valuable one to teenagers who are struggling to navigate the intricacies of life today. As a nonprofit, our funds are always so severely limited – we would never have had an extra $XXXX to secure your services, despite how valuable your message is, so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for donating your time and talent to our girls. As discussed, I would love to have you address our staff on a professional development day in the future. I will be in touch when I can find some time in their schedule and hopefully, it will be amenable to your schedule. Until then, we send our very best and our most profound thanks."
Elizabeth Vincent
Director of Development & Marketing – Volunteers of America
"A true master at his craft! Rich really has a way of connecting people and raising vibrations for the good of all. If you get the chance to go to any of his events DO IT!!!"
Rick Batyr
Business Owner – Aetherea Sound
"My name is Cassy Silveri and I attend Misericordia University. I am the co-president of our chapter of Active Minds. Active Minds is all about changing the stigma surrounding mental health and promoting positivity around it. Rich Perry is a friend of my family and my dad raved about his motivational talk when he spoke at their lodge. When I became co-president of our chapter I wanted to bring someone in to talk to our group and the students on campus about loving themselves and giving them more self-confidence. I have always followed Rich’s career through social media and as he was promoting his book and explaining his upcoming talks I instantly knew that he was perfect for my school. So, I contacted him and right from the beginning he was helpful and engaged. We talked about my club, my intentions, and what he could do for us. He also told us there was a time limit so we acted fast. Rich knew that we were new and small (but mighty) at the school and he was so gracious as to donate a session so we would not have to drain our funds at the beginning of the semester. As we were setting up Rich was pretty self efficient, he modified his talk especially for his audience, and he was all set and ready to speak a week from the time I spoke with him. When Rich came to speak he was amazing. He was professional, funny, relatable, and the students just adored him. His audience went from an estimated 30 to over 60 college students coming to listen to him speak about The “7 Key Walks To Walk Your Talk.” Rich listed how to think, act, and even stand in order to be less stressed, get motivated, and frown less! The students were engaged and laughing right on with him. He was so fascinating and truly enjoyable to have. He asked questions and got personal and even brought it back to my club’s main focus of mental health. At the end he received a well deserved round of applause from everyone in that cramped little room and everyone’s day was a little better because Rich made them feel awesome. He was inspiring to listen to and fun to work with. Misericordia would have him back in a heartbeat. If your organization is in need of an enjoyable, relatable, and humble speaker Rich Perry is definitely for you."
Cassy Silveri
Active Minds – Co-President, Misericordia University
"Rich Perry came to speak with our campus' Active Minds chapter and it was so inspirational! All our students loved it and he was a huge hit. He was hilarious and knew how to play off the audience's interests. He taught us some strategies to motivate ourselves that I myself am still using months later! I would recommend him to any organization looking to spread positivity and boost enthusiasm."
Anamarie Rogers
Student – Misericordia University
"Thank you Rich for being so dedicated to enriching the lives of many. The world truly has an asset worth bragging about! I am very grateful for the influence you have massively improved my life with!"
Jaclyn Braund
Business Owner – ZenQuies Kinesiology
"Rich is one of the most positive, inspirational people I have ever encountered. His focus and direction is beyond compare. His ability to help others onto their right path is amazing. Highly recommend!"
Kim Morrow Gonzales
Business Owner, Children’s Program Director
"Rich is one of the most inspirational people I've ever met. He is challenging, positive, and unconventional. He encourages you to be the best version of yourself possible. I am grateful for the important part he has played in my life."
Lisa Quigley
Company Trainer
"Rich is a genuine, caring individual who is passionate about helping others truly achieve the best out of life. He has a warm sense of humor and the ability to see the positive in all situations. If you are starting out on your journey to enlightenment I would highly recommend The Path of Me."
Sarah Revta
I knew Rich was a genuine, awesome human before I even officially met him! The world needs more of him and his positive and welcoming spirit. His work is uplifting and I cannot wait to continue following it/him."
Kaitlin Dommermuth
"Rich is a truly genuine person who has a passion for helping and inspiring others. He is very personable, and never fails to make people smile. I'm thankful that I have a friend like him! If you have the opportunity to attend his events and get a chance to talk with him, you won't be sorry!"
Samantha Page
"I was aware of events going on in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area that Rich is involved with, such as the MayDay Music Festival, but it was not until last month at “Resolutions” an event in Scranton where I was formally introduced. Upon meeting Rich, I was impressed by how humble he is despite his long list of accomplishments. He is very personable and goes out of his way to make sure that everyone working for him is comfortable and well taken care of. I give my highest recommendations to Rich, he is professional and charismatic, and definitely the type of person one would want to work with."
David Lorenz
Independent Business Owner and Freelancer