RockStar Influencer Program

This program is for business & mindset coaches, entrepreneurs & business owners, speakers, and thought leaders.

  • Position yourself as a recognized expert
  • Attract the right people who want to work with you
  • Put money in the bank and grow your business
  • Define your leadership platform
  • Rock your next big media interview

Can you:

  • Answer simple questions about your business, goals, and the legacy you want to leave?
  • Answer basic questions and plug in key details about yourself?
  • Honestly say that you want to make a difference in the world?

If you said "YES" to these 3 questions then you can rock this program. I've made it simple and fun for you.

Regular Price $197
Limited Time Only $97

RockStar Influencer 90-Day Accelerated Program

In this program, you'll get:

  • ALL the deliverables and benefits of the audio program
  • Step-by-step mentoring from me through the entire program
  • More than $1,200 worth in additional coaching and mentoring from me
Regular Price $900
Limited Time Only $197/month

RockStar Influencer Introduction - Start today for $1!

  • Complete introduction to the RockStar Influencer program
  • Behind the scenes look at everything I will give you
  • Learn what it takes to position yourself as a recognized expert
  • Discover the exact tools and strategies you will get to grow your business
  • PLUS – You will get a special gift (Approx. Value $150)
Regular Price $49

Walk Your Talk

  • Gain complete clarity as an entrepreneur
  • Achieve laser focus on your business goals
  • Unlock your power as a trusted leader

First Generation Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders

  • Get laser focus on your business goals and develop a clear plan to smash them
  • Position yourself as an authority figure and leader in your field
  • Leverage your business for maximum results
  • Align with visible business leaders across industries to expand your influence
  • Develop rituals for success
  • Create new opportunities that will increase your business
  • Break through limitations by eliminating self-doubts, toxic thoughts, and poor belief systems
  • And much, much more!
Regular Price $197
Limited Time Only $97

Coaches, Consultants, and Speakers

  • Grow your coaching/consulting practice the way you always wanted
  • Be seen as an authority in your niche market
  • Become the hunted vs. the hunter for attracting new clients
  • Connect with top leaders in your industry for programs, seminars, joint ventures, and other profitable collaborations
  • Get the freedom you’re after to experience life the way you want
  • Develop your mental muscle and the mindset you need to succeed
  • And much, much more!
Regular Price $197
Limited Time Only $97

Walk Your Talk 30-Day Accelerated Program

Regular Price $999
Limited Time Only $497

InstaExcellence Training

  • Optimize your Instagram profile
  • Develop and deliver your meaningful message to your target audience
  • Implement strategies to increase organic engagement
  • Build your leadership platform and be seen as a trusted authority
  • Create a brand that people will LOVE to talk about

You will get a detailed breakdown of best engagement practices, branded content creation, close up view of Instagram insights, list of my favorite apps for content creation and editing, importance of media exposure, IGTV platform, business account setup, and much more!

Includes: 20+ Page Power Guide and MP3 Training.

BONUS: You get 2 additional trainings on how to make solid video content for your Instagram audience.

Regular Price $99
Limited Time Only $49

Done-For-You Media Authority!

Get Cited on ‘THE BIG 4’ Major Media Networks

ONLY FOR SERIOUS PROFESSIONALS who are committed to building a visible brand and want to position themselves as a media authority

  • Be seen as an authority figure in your niche market / industry
  • Get the edge over your competition
  • Join the inner circle of influencers and leaders

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